Study Abroad Partners

Westfield House has a formal relationship for study abroad with 11 institutions and counting. There is a very active study abroad programme, whereby students from Lutheran colleges, universities, and seminaries in other countries may spend one or two semesters studying at Westfield House.

Students on study abroad programmes, while included on the Westfield House register,will remain the responsibility of their home institution, who will also accept responsibility for their fees in the event of non-payment.

Programme Offerings

A wide range of Modules (US printers) is offered to study abroad students.

Undergraduate study abroad students come for one semester. Whilst theology is the main focus, there are opportunities to take modules in other subject areas. Westfield House offers modules in Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, English, History, Philiosophy and Religious Studies, Practical Theology and Scriptural Languages. Many study abroad students who are not theology majors select modules from the Westfield House Theology and Liberal Arts Programme (US printers).

Postgraduate study abroad students come for one academic year. These are students in one of the following programs:

    • MDiv program
    • MA leading to Deaconess certification
    • MA in Theology or Religious Studies

Visa Information

 Tips for Students upon entering the UK (border security)