4. Receiving HC cr 300res DSCF5514The core of the work of Westfield House is the preparation of men and women for service in the Lutheran Church. The ELCE, in planning Westfield House as its place of theological learning, envisaged an ideal combination of two quite different modes of tutelage. Theology as taught in universities that are not controlled or directed by any religious denomination is complemented by seminary tuition established for this purpose by the Church.

Accordingly, a programme of studies is provided that combines reading for a university certificate, diploma or undergraduate degree in theology with a Westfield certificate course that covers specific Lutheran teaching and practical training. The unique opportunities afforded by a confessional Lutheran centre alongside one of the world’s great English-speaking universities have attracted seminary and post-graduate students from our fellowship in every continent of the world.  We welcome them into an environment where ideas and outlooks can be shared amongst people of diverse backgrounds and experiences, confident that the church is strengthened by the experience. Study abroad students from around the world join in the academic offerings of Westfield House for a semester or a year at a time.


Bachelor Degrees

Full-time students at Westfield House who wish to obtain an undergraduate degree must also be either


  • accepted by the University of London (via the University of London International Programmes), and receive tuition at Westfield House in preparation for the examinations required for the London University B.D. Honours degree.


University of London Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education in Theology

Colour affiliateStudents accepted by the University of London International Programmes for a Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education in Theology will receive tuition at Westfield House in preparation for the examinations required for these programmes. The Certificate and Diploma enable students to gain a University of London awarded in theology, without committing to a full degree. Also, if students do not meet the entrance requirements for admission to the degree, they may still be eligible for the Certificate. Students who obtain the Certificate or Diploma in Theology may transfer their registration to the BD and automatically be credited with the courses passed.

Westfield House Diploma

The Westfield House Diploma recognises the confessional and vocational components of education necessary to prepare students to enter service within the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The requirements of the Westfield House Diploma normally entail:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Theology
  • Westfield House Certificate in Lutheran Ministry which is the study of additional modules in exegetical, systematic and practical theology
  • Practical training including field work opportunities during study and a one or two year curacy or internship.


Study Abroad Programme

Westfield House has a formal relationship for study abroad with 11 institutions and counting. There is a very active study abroad programme, whereby students from Lutheran colleges, universities, and seminaries in other countries may spend one or two semesters studying at Westfield House.

Students on study abroad programmes, while included on the Westfield House register,will remain the responsibility of their home institution, who will also acceptresponsibility for their fees in the event of non-payment.

A wide range of Modules is offered to study abroad students.

Undergraduate study abroad students come for one semester. Whilst theology is the main focus, there are opportunities to take modules in other subject areas. Westfield House offers modules in Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, English, History, Philiosophy and Religious Studies, Practical Theology and Scriptural Languages. Many study abroad students who are not theology majors select modules from the Westfield House Theology and Liberal Arts Programme.

Postgraduate study abroad students come for one academic year. These are students in one of the following programs:

  • MDiv program
  • MA leading to Deaconess certification
  • MA in Theology or Religious Studies


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