Westfield House was established in part for the purpose of preparing servants for ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England. Also within the Westfield House community are students from churches abroad, some of whom will eventually serve in their own churches. As such, involvement in chapel is integral to the development of our students’ spiritual lives, as well as their formation as servants for the church.

Chapel is led by the faculty and students of Westfield House. This allows students to observe the practice of pastors, and to gain experience in leading worship. More importantly, the daily oce is an opportunity for worshipping together as a community. In this way it really has the place of family devotion for the House. We also want to conduct our prayers with a sense of responsibility to one another and to our shared confession of the faith.

We believe that all our students– whether they intend to become church workers or not– benefit spiritually and intellectually from daily association and fellowship in the life of the House, and that such fellowship and association essential to creating the very close-knit community that is Westfield House. As such, all members of Westfield House are expected to participate in . They are:

  1. Daily worship at Westfield chapel services. All members are expected to join and, for those preparing to become pastors, lead chapel worship for their own spiritual refreshment and for the development of ability and confidence as future leaders of worship. Regular prayer offices take place throughout the week, and Festival Days are marked with the celebration of the Divine Service.
  2. Regular worship and Bible study with Resurrection, the local ELCE congregation. Westfield students are encouraged to enhance the worship of the congregation through serving as lectors, guest preachers, singers, musicians, and other use of their talents.


Easter Term 2016