Westfield House is the theological house of studies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE), which is governed by its Synod. The synod is comprised of the congregations of the ELCE and between annual synodical meetings its affairs are administered by an elected Executive Council of seven members.

The Preceptor is the head of Westfield House with responsibility for spiritual, academic and theological oversight.

Day to day management of Westfield House is delegated to the Principal, who is elected and appointed by the church body through its Executive Council. The Principal reports to the Executive Council at each meeting held at two-monthly intervals and to the annual synodical meeting.

ELCE Executive Council

Revd Jon Ehlers, Chairman

Revd George Samiec, Vice Chairman

Doreen Rosser, Secretary

Rosemary Gowers, Treasurer

Rev Arno Bessel, Pastoral Advisor

Mike Jennings, Lay Member

Reiner Thoelke, Lay Member