westfieldwindows     The mission of The Friends of Westfield House is to support, develop, and promote Westfield House as an international centre for Lutheran theological education by:

  • sponsoring scholarships for international students,;
  • funding the expansion and renovation of Westfield House facilities;
  • raising awareness about Westfield House and the service it offers the wider Lutheran world.

Friends of Westfield House Bursaries

A limited number of bursaries are available from the Friends of Westfield House for students who can demonstrate financial need. Provision of a bursary is not automatic, and only those students whose home church body supports the bursury application and can clearly demonstrate the potential benefit to their church body of their member studying at Westfield House, may apply. The Bursary Application Form should be completed by the student and the president or bishop of their home church body, and submitted with the completed Westfield House application form.

All scholarship applications are reviewed by the Westfield House Admissions Committee and those that are approved are forwarded in writing to the Friends of Westfield House. The request will be accompanied by a copy of the prospective student’s academic acceptance by the Westfield House and a statement indicating the reason for the grant request. This is no guarantee that a grant can be awarded, and the Friends will consider applications on merit. Particular emphasis will be placed on the potential benefit to the church body in the student’s own country as a result of studies at Westfield House. Other considerations, such as the amount of grant aid required, will also be taken into account.

Upon acceptance of the bursary request, the Friends of Westfield House will forward the funds to Westfield House to be used for the tuition and, if part of the grant request, the room, board and travel of the prospective student. Westfield House will notify the Friends of Westfield House of the academic progress of the student and if the student fails to maintain proper academic standing or leaves Westfield House. Any unused grants will be returned to the Friends of Westfield House..

Usually all tuition fees at Westfield House are paid as part of the bursary, together with lodging fees, travel between the student’s home country and Cambridge, and a weekly allowance for food and essentials. A modest fund is also placed at the discretion of the Preceptor for books and travel in connection with studies. Students receiving a bursary from the Friends of Westfield House agree not to solicit further funding from any source for themselves, their families or their church while they are students at Westfield House, although in emergencies they may consult the Preceptor.