Westfield House’s teaching responsibilities are shared amongst two tutors and two adjunct instructors, and supplemented on a term-by-term basis by visiting adjunct scholars from Lutheran academic institutions from around the world. The business responsibilities of Westfield House fall to the Principal.



Joel Humann, PhD


Tutor in Hermeneutics and Literature

Dr Joel Humann has been at Westfield House since 2006, serving as Preceptor since 2014. He spent considerable time at Westfield during his formative years as his father was a frequent visiting adjunct instructor. Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada he hails from St. Catharines, Ontario.


cynthiaCynthia E Lumley, PhD


 Associate Director of Diaconal Studies

Dr Cynthia Lumley became Principal of Westfield House in August 2013. She began her theological education at Westfield House in 2007, after a 25 year career in the pharmaceutical industry.



.Boris Gunjević, PhD

Tutor in Philosophy and Religion

Dr Gunjević comes to Westfield House from Croatia where he was born and completed his university education. He has been connected with Westfield House for several years, as a visiting adjunct instructor and a presenter at the ELCE Pastor’s Study Week.



George Samiec

Adjunct Instructor in Pastoral Studies

Pastor Samiec has been instructing students since 2003. Apart from his Westfield House duties, he serves in the ELCE as Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church, as Vice Chairman of the ELCE, and as editor of The British Lutheran magazine.



Visiting Scholars 2017/18

visiting scholar


Robert Rosin, PhD

Visiting Scholar

Autumn 2017

visiting scholar