Westfield House, the House of Theological Studies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England, exists to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our mission of equipping men and women with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for service in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

As a centre of theological studies, Westfield House seeks to serve the Lutheran Church, both in the UK and overseas, by the promotion of Christian learning at all levels. It provides theological education within the framework of a confessional Lutheran perspective and offers resources and continuing education that further an understanding of that perspective. Westfield House is often referred to as ‘the crossroads of global Lutheranism’.

Westfield House:

  • is the theological college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE), which is a registered charity
  • promotes confessional Lutheran theology world-wide, with alumni in all the continents of the world and staff who regularly participate in international events
  • provides seminary training for countries that do not have such training facilities themselves
  • contributes to the education of students from other Lutheran seminaries and universities around the world.

Theology is read at Westfield House with a strong emphasis on the Lutheran confessions and sacramental teachings.

Nowhere else in the world does a confessional Lutheran seminary have such a close working relationship with two world-class university divinity faculties (Westfield is an Affiliate Centre of the University of London International Programmes, and Westfield students have leave to attend lectures at the University of Cambridge).

Westfield House is recognised around the world as offering a high standard of training, with small classes, a high teaching staff to student ratio and an emphasis on practical experience.

Many former students have gone on to undertake graduate studies at noted Universities, been awarded honorary degrees, and attained senior positions within the Lutheran Church in many countries.

Westfield House is an important resource for many parts of the world, receiving students from, for example, Africa, Eastern Europe, India and Russia. In addition, there are ongoing exchange programmes with sister seminaries and universities in the USA, Canada, and Australia. The global nature of the student body is unique among seminaries, and enriches the academic and spiritual atmosphere of Westfield House.