2018-19: The Year in Focus

Already we are into the final term of the 2017/18 academic year, which began in August 2017 with the arrival of 16 students – 15 ‘study abroad’ students and one, Nikolay Slavkov, returning to continue his studies with us. Our Spring classes are always smaller, and this year was no exception.

Often referred to as ‘the crossroads of global Lutheranism’, Westfield House seeks to serve the Lutheran Church, both in the UK and overseas. The majority of our students come from Lutheran universities and seminaries to ‘study abroad’ for one semester or a full academic year.



Each year we participate in the ‘International Study’ fairs at the USA Concordia Universities, in some cases with help from our alumni. For example, Revd Michael Brown, Associate Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, who studied at Westfield for a year (2006-7), regularly sets up a stand for Westfield House and speaks to students of Concordia University Nebraska (CUNE). [If any other alumni would also like to help, we would love to hear from you! (lumley@westfieldhouse.org.uk )]

This is bearing fruit, as the second study abroad student from CUNE, Aidan Moon, arrived at Westfield House in August 2017.

We received our first student from Concordia Texas in the Spring 2017 semester. A keen amateur photographer, Matthew Brooks was so enthusiastic about his time at Westfield that two more CUT students came for the autumn semester, Breyanna Weekly and Monica Rios.

(From left: Breyanna Weekly, Monica Rios, Aidan Moon, Brock Schmeling (CTSFW), Jonah Kaufman (CUI) helping to complete the new cycle shelter erected by volunteers from St Lukes, Oviedo, FL.)


And who woudn’t be enthusiastic about the opportunity to study at Westfield House, attend lectures at the University of Cambridge, go on field trips, visit ELCE congregations and travel around the UK and continental Europe?!






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